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About us

INOX Technologies is the Pakistan leading engineering company that designs and manufactures economical solutions based on customers need and requirements.  We engineering and manufacturing safety and security automation products and selling it Nationwide. We always care about your objectives and requirements to reduce costs and add value to your business. we are highly focused on our customers.

Our manufacturing facility allows us to meet the increased requirements and demands of its continually growing nationwide customer base. We have the ability to speed up capacity very quickly to accommodate large projects with demanding lead times. Flexibility is a key ingredient to our manufacturing products. With so many different models and solutions built in house, our experienced team can handle any job.

IT & Engineering:
We pride ourselves on innovation, and our IT and engineering department leads the way. With both mechanical and electrical engineers on board, we are able to aggressively pursue custom projects and new solution driven projects. Our team interfaces closely with architects and professional engineers of all trades to ensure the feasibility of product application. Reliability and sustainability are two key components of our range of products.

Innovative, Aggressive, Dynamic and Dedicated are key words to describe our Sales Force. We understand that in today’s business world we must be available and responsive to our clients. Our sales force is always available to assist the customers with layout, design and product application as well as giving them the personal service they deserve. We want our clients for life, not just for today.

We offer a variety of services after the product sale is finalized. These include full installations, technical oversight during the installation and detailed maintenance programs. We are a full service provide and maintenance program will ensure your system is installed correctly and maintained as per the required schedule.


The company was started with a vision to provide security and safety products to the clients so as to save as many lives as possible. We have been able to move forward to fulfill its vision and path of peace and safety to make this world a beautiful place to live in.

The company now provides & manufactures a lot of security, safety, and access control devices which have been used to ensure the safety and security of the highly sensitive establishments and places of high importance.


It is the vision to serve the mankind that the products of Inoxtec are economical so that the establishments that have constricted funds can also utilize our products to make their premises safe and secure. The use of new and advanced technology and the feature to integrate the devices with the centralized security system ensures that the security system is future-proof and can bear the brunt of regular technological advancements.

Business Excellence

Business excellence can only be attained when the company manufactures the products that are well deserved and are good in quality. The good quality product is the best way of improving the business excellence. Our products are the pinnacle of the safety and security devices industry. This when complemented with the exceptional business strategies and marketing policies, pave the way for an excellent business environment.

Future Thinking
Future thinking companies go a long way. A company that modifies itself according to the need of the hour has a tendency to survive and the companies that fail to do so fail heavily. If the companies that know to modify themselves can do it at the right time, they can go far enough to leave their competitors behind.


We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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